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MSL Scholastic Bowl Code





1. Five (5) team members, one (1) team member being designated captain shall play at one time.

A full team has 5 members; any team with less than three players will forfeit the match, but the match can proceed for fun.


2. A member of the Varsity team may not play on the Frosh-Soph team. Frosh-Soph team members may play on the Varsity team for any particular match.


3. Students can be substituted at any time during the meet.


4. Only regular season play counts towards conference standings.


5. Each meet shall consist of two matches. A match consists of:

·      20 Toss-Up Questions, 10 points each, 10 seconds to answer non-computation, 30 seconds to answer computation

·      20 Bonus Questions Scoring per current IHSA state tournament terms and conditions, 30 seconds to confer and answer


6. The moderator will read a toss-up question which will be answered by an individual after being recognized by the moderator. No conferring is allowed. The answer must be started within three (3) seconds (as determined by the moderator/timer) after being recognized. If the answer is correct, the team will receive ten (10) points and the opportunity to answer a bonus question. (rev. 11/2011) (rev. 11/2013)


7. If an individual pre-empts a toss-up question and answers it incorrectly, the moderator will repeat the entire sentence. At the completion of the entire question, any member of the opposing team has ten (10) seconds to press the response button and answer the questions.


8. Once a toss-up question has been completely read, it will not be repeated.


9. The time will start at the completion of the reading of the toss-up question. The clock will continue to run for ten (10) seconds or until one (1) team has responded, whichever occurs first.


10. If one (1) individual incorrectly answers a toss-up question that has been completely read by the moderator, an individual from the opposing team may press the response button, be recognized, give an answer the response button within the remainder of the original ten (10) seconds (30 seconds if computational) or three (3) seconds, whichever is longer.


11. Scoring of MSL contests will be according to terms and conditions of the IHSA.


12. Bonus questions will be read and scored according to IHSA rules.


13. Parts of the bonus question not answered correctly or those disqualified by the moderator will rebound to the other team.


14. Players may not communicate verbally or in writing during the reading of or answering of a toss-up question. The team with the player who has talked out of turn will forfeit its next opportunity to answer a toss-up question. Players may not talk once the designated player has started to answer a bonus question. The team with the player who has talked out of turn will forfeit its opportunity to answer the remaining parts of the bonus question or the next toss-up question, whichever comes first. (rev. 04/2014)


15. All teams must provide nametags for every player and the school. These must be legible to the moderator and audience.


16. Challenges must occur prior to the beginning of the next question.


17. The winner will be determined by the highest number of points obtained during the match.


18. In the event of a tie at the end of the match, additional toss-up and bonus questions will be read until the tie is broken.


19. In the event that a team is not present for a regular season match, the team will forfeit that match. Their opponent will be automatically be awarded the win for that match; in addition, the opponent will be awarded the number of points equal to the average of their scores during regular season play. This point value will be determined after the final match of the regular season. (11/2007)


20. TIE BREAKER PROCEDURE: Total win/loss record in the Division will determine champion and standings. In the event that two or more teams tie for first place in the Division, the method for establishing a Division Champion will be as follows:


a. If there is a 2-way tie and one team has beaten the other team twice, that team shall be declared the winner.


b. If there is a 3-way (or more) tie and one or more of the tied teams have been defeated twice by any of the other tied teams, the defeated team(s) shall be eliminated.


c. If teams are still tied, the team beating the other tied team(s) by the most points shall be declared the winner.


d. If teams are still tied, points from all matches played between the tied teams shall be added up. The team with the highest point total shall be declared the winner.


e. If teams are still tied, the team that has not been to the championship game for the longest period of time shall be declared the winner.



21. SPORTSMANSHIP: All individuals connected with Scholastic Bowl (students and adults) are expected to exhibit exemplary behavior and sportsmanship. Respect and consideration are to be shown to the opposing team members, coaches and the audience. Unaccepted behavior such as derisive laughter, unnecessary comments, and distracting body language will not be tolerated. These are samples of unsportsmanlike behavior. In the spirit of good sportsmanship and friendly rivalry the coaches will set the example for students. They will abide by the moderator’s decision, however, if a coach wishes to pursue the matter, he/she shall contact the conference commissioner of the Scholastic Bowl to discuss the matter. Additional sportsmanship guidelines:


a. A team (including the coach) will receive one (1) warning when unsportsmanlike conduct has been noted by the moderator.


b. A second offense by the team or coach will result in a forfeiture of ten (10) points.


c. Coaches may, at their own discretion, play the remainder of the match under protest after advising the moderator of the same.


d. Protested matches will be adjudicated by a three (3) member Games Committee with the conference coordinator- chair. Membership of the Games Committee will rotate annually, alpha by school, indicated by attached chart. If a protest involves the school of a member of the Games Committee, that member of the committee will be replaced by the next school in alpha order. The head coach will represent the school on the Games committee.


22. In case of disputes, the rules as stated by the IHSA Scholastic Bowl Advisory Committee will be followed.


Revised 11/07 lt
Revised 11/11 pt

Revised 11/13 pt


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