CCR - Application Process


Schools and Scholarships


Most applications are now done online. A limited number of schools still send applications to high schools to be made available to students. Applications can also be downloaded and completed. Students may have their applications processed through the CCR. Please be aware that we require applications to be submitted 15 school days prior to the deadline in order to guarantee that the application will be postmarked by the deadline. Processing is a general review of the application to make sure that all required components are included. It is a good idea for students to build and send a resume of activities with their applications. Students are encouraged to build and maintain their resume out of their Naviance account, but they may also build their resume as a document using the sample, below:
All official transcripts must be requested through the CCR where transcript release forms are available. A new transcript release form needs to be completed each time a transcript is requested.  Transcripts, while a student at Rolling Meadows High School, are free.  Alumni transcripts are assessed a $10.00 fee (click HERE for alumni transcripts). All transcripts are considered official documents. Therefore, they are not released to students. Instead, official transcripts are mailed directly from our school to the colleges and/or scholarship sponsors.
Final Transcripts
Each May seniors complete the "graduation survey" that they access in the "about me" tab of their Naviance accounts.  Completing the survey lets our registrar know where the final transcripts of our students should be sent.  Final transcripts are usually sent by the third week of June, after several grade checks and verifications have been completed.
Click below for a copy of a Transcript Release Form.
Test Scores        
Students need to make arrangements with the individual testing agencies (i.e. ACT or SAT/College Board) to have their scores sent directly to the schools of their choice.  Colleges and universities use the highest composite score for admission purposes. Please be advised; however, that it can be beneficial for students to send their other ACT/SAT scores if they have any where the composite is lower but individual subject scores are higher. Schools often look at the subscores for placement and scholarship purposes. Schools can combine scores from different SAT tests to create a new composite. Some schools create an ACT "superscore" by taking the highest subject scores from the ACT tests a student has taken to create a superscore. Consider asking the school(s) in which you are interested in if they superscore the ACT.
Students often ask whether or not they should include a letter of recommendation with their application(s). The value placed on recommendations can vary greatly from school to school. Some schools encourage and place great importance on recommendations while some schools place little or no value on recommendations. Students are encouraged to review the admission requirements regarding recommendations at the schools to which they apply.
If you would like someone to write you a letter of recommendation, it is in your best interest to provide the person with more background information about yourself. Students are encouraged to fill out the "Student Information for Recommendation Form" and provide the completed form to the person writing their letter of recommendation.  The student Activities List can be given along with the Student Information for Recommendation Form to provide additional information to the person who is asked to write the letter of recommendation.  Students can also complete an alternative information for recommendations form in their Naviance account, print the form and provide it to the person they have asked to provide a letter of recommendation.
Click below for a copy of a Student Information for Recommendation Form.
If a staff member is asked to write a letter of recommendation the staff member will either give the letter to the student or send it to the CCR where it will be kept in the student's file. The CCR will send the letter(s) with the transcript IF the student indicates the letter should be sent to that school or scholarship. Once letters are in a student's folder in the CCR, to maintain confidentiality, the letter will not be released to the student without written permission from the author of the letter. It is recommended that the letters be mailed with the transcript, rather than by the teacher, so that a record can be kept by the CCR should a question arise as to whether or not a letter was mailed. Given the volume of applications schools receive, they prefer to receive materials in one envelope for ease of adding information to a student's application file. When letters are written it is recommended that several letters be provided on original school letterhead along with an original signature. Copies of letters provided by staff are not copied once the originals provided are exhausted.
The CCR can also mail letters of recommendation provided by sources outside of the school if students provide them to the CCR or if they are directly mailed to the CCR. The same policies and procedures (above) would be followed.

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