CCR - Appointments

Students can schedule individual appointments for a college counseling session with Mr. Yerkan.  Appointments for juniors open after Junior Parent Night each year, with juniors seeking appointments being encouraged to schedule their appointment BEFORE their senior year.  Prior to scheduling an appointment, students will need to complete a few steps (instructions below) so that the appointment can be more productive.  After completing the steps, students should see Mrs. Green in the College and Career Room (CCR), between the hours of 11:15 and 3:15. Parents can contact Mrs. Green, at (847) 718-5661, if they choose to make the appointment.  Parents calling to schedule appointments should have their students tell them which block(s) would be "least disruptive" to their academics for their appointment PRIOR to calling for an appointment.  Appointments are scheduled during school hours on school days when classes are in session.  Whenever possible, appointment times are made to try and accommodate student and parent schedules.  Parents are encouraged to attend the appointment with their student.  No appointments are conducted without the student.  

To view, or download, the steps that need to be completed prior to an appointment's being scheduled click HERE.

During a college counseling session, information will be gathered about the student with the goal of providing a list of possible school matches for that student. Some of the ways information will be gathered during the session will include a review of the student's transcript, a discussion of courses selected for the next school year (juniors), and a conversation about the student's predicted, or actual, ACT/SAT score. Appointment sessions usually take one hour and are held in the CCR.  Students looking for help in building a list of potential colleges are encouraged to schedule a formal appointment.  Students who are not seeking a list of colleges, but have other questions, are asked to stop by the CCR to pose their questions and should not schedule a formal appointment.

College representatives who would like to schedule a time to meet with students in the CCR should go to or click HERE. Visit times are scheduled for, and should not exceed, thirty minutes.