Below are a list of frequently asked questions about the college application process. Click the links at the top to go directly to your question's answer. 



Q: How do I get a transcript sent with my college application?

A: Transcript request forms are available in the CCR to the right of the entry door, or click on the Forms link. A transcript request form is needed for every college application and every scholarship application that requires an OFFICIAL transcript.


Q: What is the difference between an official and an unofficial transcript?

A: The official transcript has the school's seal, registrar's signature, and is printed on "transcript stationery." Unofficial transcripts do not have the school's seal or registrar's signature. Every student may request three unofficial and/or official transcripts for free. There is a $1.00 fee for each transcript after the third. Sometimes students mistakenly request unofficial or official transcripts from the registrar when they are looking for information found on the transcripts that can be provided by their counselor. Students may wish to talk to their counselor before requesting a transcript through the CCR. As a general rule schools and scholarships require official transcripts as part of the application.


Q: How do I get a final transcript sent to the school I will be attending?

A: Students will go into their Naviance account in May to complete the graduation survey.  One question on the survey asks students where they would like their final transcript sent.  The registrar will send the transcript accordingly.  No other steps are needed.  PLEASE NOTE: Final transcripts are usually sent around mid-June.  That is how long it takes to enter, check for accuracy and run student data. 


Q: What is processing?

A: Processing is a general review of the application. This includes an overview of the application making sure that all required components are included and are mailed together.


Q: How do I set up an appointment with the College Counselor?

A: Stop by the CCR or contact Mrs. Green by phone (718-5661) to make an appointment with Mr. Yerkan. If a parent makes the appointment, they need to make sure their son/daughter picks up the required questionnaire so that it can be completed in advance of the meeting.


Q: Do I need an appointment with the College Counselor?

A: The optional appointment is designed to provide a list of schools for the student to consider. If a student has already put her/his list of schools together, there is no need for an appointment. General questions about financial aid, scholarships, applications and essays have been addressed in the group guidance sessions. Other questions can usually be answered by visiting the CCR without scheduling an appointment.


Q: If I don't put my home address on the envelope for the application, will the school communicate with me?

A: Yes. The school will communicate with whomever completed the application.


Q: My school did not get my application and/or transcript - what should I do?

A: If it has been three weeks since the transcript and/or application was mailed from the CCR, call or email the school. We will call the school for follow-up only after the student has contacted the school and three weeks have passed since it was mailed.


Q: Do I need to send my transcripts to the NCAA Clearinghouse and if so, when should I send my transcripts?

A: If you plan to participate in NCAA Division sports you need to submit your transcripts to the NCAA for review.  Transcripts will not be officially reviewed until there are sixth semester grades, but they can be sent before to establish your record with NCAA.  A student can have their transcript sent prior to the sixth semester grades to get registered and eligible for official visits.  NCAA students will also need to send their final transcript.  PLEASE NOTE:  The NCAA requires an official ACT test score sent by the testing agency.


Q: What is a 7th semester transcript (mid-year report)?

A: Some schools require a 7th semester transcript as part of the application process. A form is usually provided with the initial application. The form should be turned in to the CCR for processing as soon as the application is submitted. There is no fee for that transcript.

Some schools will request a 7th semester transcript for students after the application has been received for students still under review. If a student gets a letter requesting a 7th semester transcript, the letter should be brought to the CCR for processing. There would be no fee for the transcript.

7th semester transcripts are mailed after the 7th semester grades are locked (usually mid-February of the senior year).


Q: What is the RMHS school code/ACT code/CEEB code?

A: 143-736


Q: Why does the CCR require 15 days for applications and transcripts to be processed?

A: Given that the College and Career Assistant's hours are from 11:15 - 3:15, to ensure that the large volume of application and transcript requests are properly processed, there is a 15 day requirement. The requirement guarantees the allowance of enough time for all participants in the process to complete their component. The registrar and, in many cases, counselors and teachers have a role in the completion of student applications. All requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Needing only a transcript does not move a request to the top of the pile. It should be noted that the majority of requests for applications and transcripts are processed in just a couple of days.