CCR - Visiting a College

School websites will provide information on campus visits, some offering designated dates and times for visits and others scheduling visits to accommodate students and families.  Some schools will sponsor campus visits.  The Chicago Area Regional Representatives (CARR) group publishes a list of member schools that sponsor visits to their campuses.  To see the list click HERE.

Before you go...

If the college visit will take place while Rolling Meadows High School (RMHS) is in session, the RMHS Attendance Office requests that a parent call the Attendance Office a minimum of three days in advance of the visit. Juniors are allowed two (2) pre-approved visits in a school year and seniors are allowed three (3) pre-approved visits in a school year. A visit is defined as taking a school-sponsored tour of the campus and/or meeting with a school official on campus. Keep in mind that simply visiting a student you know on the campus is not considered an official visit by the Attendance Office. After the visit the student will be required to bring some documentation back to the Attendance Office indicating that the visit took place. Examples of documentation that could be brought back include, but are not limited to, a business card from someone at the school, school literature, or a letter confirming the visit.

Some Tips to Make Your Vist More Productive:

Always call the admissions office of the school to be visited in advance of the visit to see if there are scheduled visit times or if individual appointments or tours can be scheduled. Whenever possible try to visit schools when their classes are in session.

Research the school in advance of your visit and think about questions that can be asked during the visit.

Refer to the Junior Guidance Booklet for a list of possible questions that can be asked during your visit.

For a suggested list of questions to ask during your visit click HERE

For a chart to record, evaluate and compare information about colleges click HERE.   

While you're there...

If on a conducted tour, be attentive to the information presented by the tour guide.

Build in some time to look at the school on your own. Try to talk to students, other than the tour guide, about the school while you are there.

After the Visit...

Write down your impressions for future comparisons with other schools you visit.

One way to show a school that you are serious about the school is to send a thank you note after the visit.

Remember to stop by the RMHS attendance office to give them your proof of visit.

If you were particularly impressed with anyone you met with at the school, a thank you note would be appropriate.

If you apply to the school and an essay is optional or required, mention something positive about your visit to the school