Local Scholarships

The following are local scholarship opportunities received during the 2016-2017 school year.  As they arrive they are posted on this page, on the CCR Scholarship Board and in Naviance.  Most applications can be downloaded for completion.  Some scholarships, however, must be done on-line application (link provided).  


No. Posted Sponsor Value Criterion Deadline
29. 2/10/17 Redefining Ready! Scholarship Various amounts $500 - $2,500  

All applicants must use the #RedefiningReady hashtag and tag @District214 on their Twitter video entry; paper application turned into RMHS CCR; any posts that are private will not count; one entry per applicant; H.S. D214 sr. only; winners must provide a video file of their entry to Dist 214. For an application click HERE.

30. 2/15/17 Jenny Anzalone Scholarship TBD

Graduating RMHS student with sr. status; 3.5 GPA; have been accepted to an accredited college, university or vocational school; express a strong desire to continue education; demonstrate attitudes of hard work, commitment, and a love for others, some financial need. 1 page essay. Return applications and other materials to the CCR. For an application click HERE.

31. 3/1/17 The Links, Incorporated $1,000

African-American female h.s.graduating sr. will attend 2-yr. community college or 4-yr. college or university full-time, Fall 2016. Min cumulative GPA of "C". Min. ACT - 18(or SAT equivalent) For an application click HERE.

32. 3/1/17 Waco Scholarship Opportunity $1,000 (3)

H.S. sr., who have volunteered at either Waco's Christmas Shopping Tours, helped with food, book, or coat drives, or any way been involved with any of the Woodfield Area Children's Organization's programs or fundraisers. Attend a 4 yr. college or university Fall 2017. A photo in jpeg format; email with application.                   For an application click

33. 3/3/17 Jean Paul Ohadi Scholarship 2017 $1,000

Lesbian and gay youth 17 – 22 yrs old; attend post-secondary educational institution; cannot be a prior winner; resident of IL at the time of application; application with required supporting materials; must be present at time of awards; financial need. For information and to access an application click HERE.

34. 3/3/17 JCCIA Women's Division Scholarship $2,000

H.S. graduating sr., enrolled in 2-yr vocational/technical school or 4-yr accredited college/university full-time; IL resident, at least one parent of Italian descent; min. cumulative GPA of 3.0/4.0. Well-rounded, dedicated and committed to continuing their education and who demonstrate financial need; student must be present to accept the award. For information and to access an application click HERE.

35. 3/6/17 JCCIA John Fischetti Scholarship $2,000

Male h.s. sr., 50% Italian ancestry, resident of Chgo. Metro area, who is either an undergraduate in journalism or media communications/or who has been accepted as a graduate student in either of these areas/or a high school senior male who has been accepted into college with the intent of establishing a major in journalism or media communications; student must be present to accept the award. For information and an application click HERE.

36. 3/6/17 JCCIA Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Scholarship $2,000

Male h.s. sr., full or 50% Italian ancestry who is already enrolled in an accredited college/university or is a senior in high school and accepted for enrollment by an accredited college/university, has a grade point average of 3.75/4.0 GPA, or higher; student must be present to accept the award. For information and an application click HERE.

37. 3/7/17 Mt. Prospect Women's Club $1,000

Mt. Prospect resident, h.s. sr., will attend 2-yr or 4-yr college in Illinois fall of 2016. Essay; 2 letters of recommendation. For information and an application click HERE.

38. 3/7/17 Rotary Vocational Scholarship 2017 $1,500 Enroll full-time in 2-yr. program pursuing an Associate's Degree or trade certificate preparing for a vocational or technical career attainable with less than a 4-yr degree. Course grades, work experience, volunteer work and activities in chosen field considered. For information and an application click HERE. 4/7/17
39. 3/7/17 Pointe Pest Control Scholarship $750

H.S. senior or college freshman from the state of Illinois. Need based, achievement standards considered. Student aid report stating household income must be attached to the application to be considered. Min. 3.0 GPA. For information and an application click HERE.

40. 3/9/17 Dr. Joseph C. Morton Scholarship 2017 $1,000 (3)

H.S. sr., attending college or a university in the Fall of 2017; completed JCMSC application, academic letter of rec from an instructor or counselor; and a second letter of rec from ouside the school environment; completed Financial Assistance Questionaire; essay required. For  information and an application click HERE.

41. 3/13/17 William J. Cook Scholarship Fund $1,000-$5,000

Male H.S. sr., attend a Cook County h.s., will enroll full-time undergraduate course of stdy at an accredited 4-yr. college or university.  Academics, leadership, school and community activities, honors, work experience, merit and financial need. Electronic submission. For information and an application click HERE.


42. 3/15/17 Arlington Hts. Garden Club Scholarship $1,500 (2) Resident of D214 or communities adjoining Arlington Hts; U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.; enrolled or accepted fro enrollment in a vocational/technical school, 2 or 4 yr college/university; a "C"  GPA or better; primary consideration to those studying horticulture, floral, nursery, landscaping community. For information and an application go to www.ahgardenclub.com 5/1/17
43.  3/27/17 George Gattas Scholarship

$5,000 (1)

$1,000 (2)

Strong community service, participation in athletics, active in co-curricular activities, financial need.  For information and an application, click HERE. 5/14/17