Physical Education Policies


Physical Education Lockers

Each student, for safety and security, must have his/her own combination lock and locker. Students must provide their own lock, and lockers will be assigned.

Locker Room/Physical Education Facilities Procedures

  1. ALL students will dress in the locker room. Books, purses, etc., should be LOCKED in the lockers during the class period. Students should not bring valuables to participation areas.
  2. NO food or drink is allowed in the locker room, track, gym, fitness center, or field house.
  3. NO glass containers are allowed in the locker room.
  4. NO aerosol cans are allowed in the locker room.
  5. NO electrical devices (phones, iPads, and laptops) are allowed in the locker room.
  6. All items brought into the locker room must be stored in a locker during class.
  7. Students MUST report to the locker room after class to change clothes and MUST remain in a designated area until dismissed by a teacher.
  8. RMHS is not responsible for items lost or stolen. All lost or stolen items need to be reported to your teacher and the school police counselor.

Physical Education Dress Requirements

It is expected that students wear the required PE T-shirt purchased during registration. Name block provided will require first initial and last name of the student written in permanent marker. Lost shirts will be replaced for a $10.00 fee, the purchase of a new shirt. Loaner shirts, shorts and shoes will be provided for students who do not have them for a particular day. (Details are listed below.)

It is expected that students will wear gym shorts or sweat pants, PE T-shirt, sweat socks, and gym shoes. During cooler weather, when classes are going outside for activities, appropriate warm clothing required. Sweaters, jeans, street jackets, clothing worn to school, athletic team uniforms, torn clothes or clothes with profanity or beer logos WILL NOT be permitted. For the safety of all students, jewelry should not be worn during class, especially earrings with "hoops."

Physical Education Loaner System

The physical education equipment room is located at the east end of the lower level. It is understandable that there will be occasions when students will forget their physical education clothes at home. It is important that students attend all classes; therefore the physical education department will provide loaner clothes — shirt, shorts, and shoes, at a fine of $0.25, plus ID. These clothes are cleaned after each use. Clothing must be returned at the end of the class period. Students who abuse the "loaner system," or who intentionally damage clothes, will be required to pay for them, as well as forfeit borrowing privileges. All students must be dressed appropriately for class.

Medical Excuses

It is understandable that there are times when a student cannot participate in physical education class due to short term, unexpected illness or injury. Students unable to participate shall bring a note from a doctor to the teacher. The teacher may either assign the student to study hall for that time, or require alternative assignment from the student that will not interfere with the student’s medical problem. Students who become ill or injured while participating in physical education class should inform their teacher immediately. When a student’s medical concern will affect physical education for more then three weeks, the student will be placed into the adaptive physical education program.

Tardiness Policy

The following procedures will be followed to address tardiness to class:

  1. Each classroom teacher will provide written information to their students regarding their tardy policy. The first step of discipline will result in a teacher detention. This detention should be documented with the number of tardies the student had at the time of the detention.
  2. If the tardiness continues, a referral will be written by the teacher detailing the previous action to the Division Head. The Division Head will assign an after school detention and indicate on the referral the expectations for the future with the student.
  3. If the tardiness still continues, a referral will be written by the teacher detailing the two previous actions and given to the Dean. The Dean will meet with the student and assign a two-hour after school detention and indicate the expectations for the future.
  4. If the tardiness continues even further, the consequences will become progressive in the dean’s office.

Bell Schedule

Students will be allowed five (5) minutes after the passing bell to dress and report for attendance.  Students will be allowed seven (7) minutes at the end of class period to shower and change clothes. Class does not end when the shower bell rings; their teachers will dismiss students to the locker room. ALL STUDENTS MUST GO TO LOCKER ROOM AND REMAIN IN THE "HOLDING AREA" UNTIL DISMISSED BY THE SUPERVISOR. STUDENTS WHO "CUT OUT" EARLY WILL BE ASSIGNED DETENTIONS.

Attendance/Make-up Policy

Each physical education class period has an overall effect on the fitness, health, and wellness of students.  A major portion of a student’s grade will depend on improvement in health related fitness. Therefore, it is very important students attend class daily. When a student misses class and is excused by the attendance office, the teacher may require the student to make-up work that was missed. If a student is unexcused, two make-ups will be assigned for each unexcused absence and must be completed by the last week of the quarter or a failing grade will be issued at the end of the grading period-at teacher discretion. Students should make arrangements with their teachers for the make-up work.

Students can complete PE make-ups during the following times:

  • Before school - arranged with the teacher
  • During Seminar - they will need to check in with Mr. Otahal or Mr. Wiedemann
  • During B-Lunch - arranged with the teacher
  • After School (Monday-Thursday) - arranged with the teacher

Students can also come in on select Thursday mornings from 7:30 to 8:15 a.m. 

Make-ups consist of students completing two miles on the elliptical at level 10 or six miles on the bike at level 10. All levels and distances must verified by the teacher or the supervisor prior to the workout being complete.

Grading Policy

Fifty percent (50%) of the total grade will based on improvement in health related fitness. Forty percent (40%) of the total grade will be based on student participation, skill development, and fitness goal accomplishment. Students will be observed and tested on team and individual sports skills. A positive attitude and good effort are very important. Ten percent (10%) of the total grade is based on written work and/or tests and a personal fitness profile.

Refer to Home Logic for specific grading.

Lost and Found

It is strongly suggested that students write their names on the inside of their clothes and especially gym shoes with a waterproof marker so the lost clothes, etc., can be claimed. Student’s SHOULD NOT bring large sums of money, iPods or expensive jewelry to PE. Although the locker rooms are secured during each class period, occasional thefts do occur. Report thefts to your PE teacher and to the police counselor immediately.