Below is a list of Rolling Meadows High School clubs and activities. Click the links below to go directly to a specific section. Contact Lisa DaRocha, Assistant Principal, if you have any questions. She is available at or (847) 718-5614.

Academic - Noncompetitive
Academic - Competitive
Fine Arts
Student Support 


Academic - Noncompetitive

Girls Who Code Club
Sponsor: Mrs. Knappik
Girls Who Code is an after-school club for all girls who are interested in computer science.  No prior experience is necessary.  All girls are welcome.
Graphics Club

Sponsors: Mr. Dyer 

Sponsor: Mr. Morse
Our program mission is to instill in students the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.

Shannon McNamara Memorial Walk/Run

Sponsor: Mr. Voyles
Proceeds from this event go to the Shannon McNamara Scholarship Fund. Shannon was a former Rolling Meadows High Student who was tragically murdered in her off-campus college apartment.


Academic - Competitive

Chess Team
Sponsor: Mr. Mott
Chess team helps students learn the rules and skills necessary to be a chess player. Teams compete in the North Suburban Chess League, the MSL Chess Tournament, as well as in the IHSA State Chess Tournament.

Sponsor: Mr. Moczydlowski
The Cricket team is organized as a club sport and welcomes any student who is willing to learn this exciting international sport as well as compete against teams from other schools.  Spring is the official season for competitive play; however, practices or   free  -plays may also be held during the fall and winter based on facility availability. In addition to building cricket and athletic skills, we stress sportsmanlike conduct, academic achievement, and a positive attitude. 

Schoology Class Code: W9KW8-XMW5F

Sponsor: Mr. Weinberg
Students interested in careers in entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, hospitality, and management learn communication skills and leadership skills as they compete with teams from other schools  at  the area, State, and National level. Many networking opportunities and scholarships are available to students.

Debate Team
Sponsor: Mr. Waters
Congressional Debate is an exciting activity available to all students who are interested in government, politics, law, current events, public speaking or debate. The team travels throughout the state each month, meeting and debating with hundreds of debaters in model congresses.

F.C.C.L.A. (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America)
Schoology Group Code: 94H6-5C65-5KMTC

Sponsor: Ms.Krupika
This club is for students who are interested in leadership opportunities and developing skills for life.  We participate in regional and state competition in Springfield in the area of child development, foods, clothing, and interior design.

Math Team
Schoology Group Code: RCX6-BC2W-2VCFZ

Sponsor: Mr. Jones
Math team gives students who enjoy and excel in mathematics an opportunity to explore math topics that extend beyond the curriculum taught in the classroom. The team competes in the North Suburban Math League and in state competitions.

Scholastic Bowl
Schoology Class Code for the Varsity Team: VCN4-DDS8-4CD8F
Schoology Class Code for the JV Team: RBRQ-K2SF-WD7CD
Sponsors: Mr. R. Olson 
Scholastic Bowl is an IHSA academic competition at the frosh/soph and varsity levels. The competition involves two teams of five students who attempt to answer questions from various academic areas. The regular season usually begins in December and ends sometime in March to coincide with the state tournament.
Speech and Acting Team
Schoology Group Code: M873-GNN7-9DMC5

Sponsors: Mr. Concialdi, Ms. Wnek, Ms. Luckritz, and Ms. DiPasquale
Speech Team is an IHSA winter activity in which students compete individually against students from several other schools and contribute to an overall team score. Competition events range from acting to public speaking, individually or with a partner, and students may write their own speeches or perform from published writers. Since the fear of public speaking is one the biggest fears people have, students will gain an invaluable experience by participating in the worthwhile activity.

Wildstang Robotics
Sponsor: Mr. Wong
The WildStang Team brings Rolling Meadows, Prospect, and Wheeling High School students together with professionals and engineers from Motorola, Inc. for the purpose of designing, building, and competing with a robot in a high-energy robotic competition against other high schools that are part of the FIRST program. Students create a mini-company with all the various departments of engineering, software, marketing and finance to simulate what it is like to work for a high tech company bringing a new product to market.



Sponsor: TBA
Enjoy cheering our football & basketball teams on to victory!! This program teaches girls & boys how to work in a structured program that gives a positive feeling to those who join.  There is also one squad that competes at state and national levels.

Color Guard (Fall)
Sponsor: Mr. Buti
Fall Color Guard is an integral part of the Marching Mustangs program. A variety of flag equipment, dance choreography and drill maneuvers are used in the routines. The Color Guard meets by themselves two afternoons a week, plus one night with the band. The Marching Mustangs perform at home football games, parades, and contests.

Color Guard (Winter)
Sponsor: Mr. Buti
Winter Color Guard is a group that performs at numerous basketball games and TDI competitions.  A variety of flag twirling and dance skills are incorporated. The season runs from November through March.

Competitive Dance Team
Sponsor: Ms. Pfeiffer

Enjoy cheering our football & basketball teams on to victory!! This program teaches girls & boys how to work in a structured program that gives a positive feeling to those who join.  There is also one squad that competes at state and national levels.

Frisbee Club
Sponsor: Mr. Patterson
The RMHS Frisbee Club meets after school one day per week during the Fall and Spring. We split up into teams and play Ultimate Frisbee for one hours. The club is a great way to get exercise and meet people. 

Snowboarding and Ski Club
Schoology Class Code: WVQF-RMJJ-G2HW3

Sponsor: Mrs. Crook
This club serves as a noncompetitive and economical way for snow enthusiasts to enjoy skiing and/or snowboarding three or four times a year. The hope is that students, sponsors and chaperones foster relationships, overcome challenges, and have fun. All are welcome, regardless of experience!



Auto Club
Mr. Dufkis
A place to go after school to hang out, work on cars, and tell stories about automotive issues. Whether you plan on going into the industry or just love cars and working on stuff, we welcome all.

BrewHaHa Coffee Cart
Sponsors: Ms. Knappik and Ms. Vannatta
The coffee cart is operated by students from business classes and DECA. The the Coffee Cart raises money for charities, career and technical education, and DECA.

Educators Rising
Schoology Group Code: Z74WG-9C6V2
Sponsor: Ms Thorson
Educators Rising is a student-run organization devoted to helping teenagers acquire a better understanding of the teaching profession and to give students interested in the field of education opportunities to achieve those dreams.

Sports Medicine
Sponsor: Mr. Sauer
This activity gives students a chance to gain practical experience in the treatment of athletic injuries.



French Club
Sponsor: Ms. Kahle-Ruiz
The purpose of this club is to foster interest in the study of French, to encourage high scholastic achievement and to provide language experience not possible in a classroom setting.

Gamers Club
Mr. Lee
The Gamer's Club is a student-run organization that gives students the opportunity to interact with one another while playing their favorite console video games.

Italian Club
Sponsor: TBD
The Italian Club exists to stimulate interest in the study of Italian Ianguage and culture and to provide other activities outside the classroom.

Latinos Unidos
Sponsors: Mr. Diaz 
The goals of Latinos Unidos is to foster school and community engagement with our Latino students, to help students learn more about their heritage, to provide exposure to academic, social/emotional and career activities, and to have fun.

Multicultural Club
Sponsor: TBA
The Multicultural Club is an organization designed to promote cultural awareness, understanding, as well as to increase opportunities for education about the cultures of the U.S. and other countries.  Our vision is to create a more welcoming community that celebrates the uniqueness of each culture.  Therefore, we engage in engaging dialogues that pursue reconciliation of cultural differences, advocate for social justice, and respect all identities of an individual.

Novel Idea (Book Club)
Sponsor: Ms. Luckritz

Spanish Club
Sponsor: Mr. Diaz
This club is meant to stimulate interest in the study of the Spanish language and culture.

United Young Sisters & Brothers
Sponsor: Ms. Anderson
U.Y.S.B. is a group that meets to promote awareness of African-American History & Culture as well as celebrate Black History month. 


Fine Arts

Sponsor: Ms. Walsh
Acabellas is an a cappella vocal performance group for girls, meaning singers perform without instrumental accompaniment. 

Sponsor: Ms. Walsh
Acafellas is the male equivalent of the Acabellas. Boys perform a cappella, or without any instrumental accompaniment. 

Arts Club
Sponsors: Ms. Nava and Ms. Pach
You do not need to be enrolled in art courses to be a part of this club; all are welcome.  Art Club meets twice a month, once after school with a planned art activity and once in the evening as an Open Studio night.  Be sure to bring your creativity!

Arts Unlimited
Sponsor: Ms. Nava
Arts Unlimited is a district-wide program that tries to expose all students to the arts through building-level performances and workshops as well as district-wide festivals held at Forest View Education Center.

Sponsor: Ms. Walsh
Students of all levels are encouraged to sign up for chorus. Students who have not been in choir at RMHS should sign up for Beginning Choir or Concert Choir. Other ensembles are available to students after their first year in the program, including Madrigals, the most advanced mixed choir, and Trebellious, the RMHS, all-girls show choir. 

Concert Band
Sponsors: Mr. Buti and Mr. Carroll
Concert Band is the band class open to all woodwind and brass  instrumental  students.  Besides class time, students perform in 4 to 5 concerts and festivals throughout the year, as well as some contests and athletic events.

District Media Film Fest
Sponsor: Mr. Dyer

Drama Club
Sponsor: Ms. Connolly
The Drama Club is open to freshman through senior students who are interested in furthering their learning of theater.  Each fall, the Drama Club stages an evening of one-act, 10 minute plays. This evening performance is the largest event and fundraiser for the Drama Club, though the club also meets every two weeks as a drop-in special interest group. Drama Club hosts audition workshops, leads improv theater games, and provides opportunities for theater field trips. The Drama Club also facilitates the school's annual trip to the Illinois High School Theatre Festival.

Sponsor: TBA
Hypno is a hip-hop dance group at RMHS. The group's main focus is to learn and perform various types of hip-hop dance throughout the year. Students do not need prior experiences but should be willing to work hard and have fun.

Improv Club
Sponsor:  TBA

Instrumental Ensemble (Percussion)

Sponsor: Mr. Buti
Instrumental Ensemble is open to all percussion students. Class II is the advanced level class. Entry to class II requires successful completion of Class I. Besides class time, students perform in four to five concerts and festivals throughout the year as well as some contests and athletic events. 

Jazz Band/Ensemble
Sponsor: Mr. Buti
The Jazz Program is an extension of the Concert and Symphonic band program. We offer two jazz ensembles. These ensembles meet 1-2 times a week at night for two hours per rehearsal. In order to be in either of the Jazz Bands, all woodwind, brass, and percussion students are required to be enrolled in one of the following daytime music classes: Concert or Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Guitar, or instrumental Ensemble (I or II).

Jazz Combos
Sponsor: Mr. Buti
Jazz Combos are small ensembles of four to six select musicians and are an outgrowth of the night Jazz Band classes. The groups rehearse mostly on their own and with guidance from the director. Combo players rely heavily on improvisation. The combos perform at numerous concerts and festivals.

Madrigal Brass
Sponsor: Mr. Buti
Madrigal Brass meets during the months of November and December. The Madrigal Brass Band performs at the Madrigal dinners. Two trumpets, a trombone, a French horn and a tuba generally make up the ensemble.

Marching Mustangs
Sponsor: Mr. Buti
Marching Mustangs are made up of all band students enrolled in Concert/Symphonic Band, Instrumental (Percussion) Ensemble I & II, and the Color Guard. The Marching Mustangs members meet as separate classes and combine one night a week during the fall. The Marching Mustangs perform at home football games, parades, and contests.

The RMHS musical auditions in the winter and performs in the spring. It is the biggest theatrical production of the school year, featuring a large cast of singers, actors and dancers, stage crew, and orchestra pit performers.

Orchesis is the performing dance company at Rolling Meadows High School. Membership is by audition only and is open to frosh-seniors. Members of Orchesis are enrolled in the Orchesis technique class during the school day and rehearse for their many performances throughout the year. Orchesis dancers train in the dance styles of jazz, ballet, modern, tap, pointe, contemporary, hip hop, adagio, and ethnic.

Sponsor: Mr. Carroll
Orchestra is a class open to string players. Besides class time, the ensemble performs at 4 to 5 concerts or festivals throughout the year.

Pep Band
Sponsor: Mr. Carroll
The pep band is made up of all band students enrolled in Concert and Symphonic Band as well as Instrumental Ensemble I and II and all Jazz Band classes. They play at home basketball games.

Pit Orchestra
Sponsor: Mr. Carroll
Pit Orchestra is the small instrumental group that performs at the annual musical production. Students rehearse two or three days a week for six to eight weeks prior to the show.

RMHS Theater
Schoology Class Code: GXZP-KRC2-77D9G
Sponsor: Ms. Svarz
Play – Winter
Sponsor:  Ms. Svarz
The fall and winter play are dramatic or comedic performances in October and February that give students the opportunity to show off their acting talent with a fun group of peers. Auditions for the fall play  are  in August and auditions for the winter play  are  in November each year. The performances feature a stage crew and a costume crew.

Theater – Costume  & Makeup Crew
This club meets after school from 3 to 4:30 p.m. to make and find costumes for the plays and musical. The club also occasionally meets on Saturdays. During the week of a show, students should be prepared to stay late.

Theater – Tech Crew
Sponsor: Various Directors
The Tech Crew is a community of trained and training technicians who provide artistic and technical services for the Theater productions and events at RMHS each year. All are welcome. No experience necessary. Training is hands on.

Show Choir
Sponsor: Mr. Carroll
This group combines singing and dancing, incorporating popular musical styles, costumes, and professional choreography. Show Choir rehearses three hours per week. They perform at choral concerts and several competitions each year.

Show Choir Combo
Sponsor: Mr. Carroll
Show Choir Combo performs with the Choral Department’s Show Choir. This ensemble typically consists of several trumpets, trombones and saxophones as well as a rhythm section. The group rehearses once a week during the months of January and February. The combo will perform as part of the Show Choir's Spring Concert and in two or three Show Choir competitions.

Symphonic Band
Sponsor: Mr. Buti
Symphonic Band is the upper level band class open to all qualified woodwind and brass instrumental students based upon an audition. Besides class time, students perform in four or five concerts and festivals throughout the year as well as some contests and athletic events.

Sponsors: Ms. McNally
Rich with traditions and exciting opportunities, the V-Show features auditioned talent acts from all corners of the RMHS community. The Variety show is produced and directed by a team of students, in partnership with their sponsors. Auditions are in October and the performance is in November.



A-OK (Acts of Kindness)
Sponsor: Ms. Vannatta
A-OK is a program designed to help senior citizen living in our attendance area. RMHS students volunteer to help elderly people with various chores that have become difficult for them to do alone. Service Learning credit is available for students who accumulate 70 hours of involvement in this program.

Class Board Officers: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior
Junior Class Council Schoology Group Code: 6GC9-9JXP-MSQK9

Sponsors: Ms. Kumler, Mr. Haralambakis, Mr. Drenth, and Mr. Nichols 
Represent your peers on the Student Council. Class Board members plan and organize class-sponsored dances and events throughout the school year.

Green Club
Sponsor: TBA
The Green Club works to educate everyone of all ages about recycling programs, sustainable and alternative energies, and other options to improve daily life for everyone. 

M3 (Mighty Mustang Mentors)
Sponsors: Ms. Tobecksen and Ms. Syversen Bullis
The Mighty Mustang Mentors are a selected group of students who are in charge of helping freshmen transition to life in high school. They meet with the freshmen many times throughout the year including during freshmen orientation and during seminar.
Mustangs Committed to Service
Schoology Group Code: R6XN-4VF5-8T8NV
Sponsors: Ms. Walsh and Ms. Vannatta
Rolling Meadows High School has developed an organization to honor those students dedicated to serving the RMHS community. Students who serve 300 or more hours of service over the course of their studies at Rolling Meadows High School will be designated as Mustangs Committed to Service organization honorees during the Senior Medallion Assembly. To participate in the program, interested students must complete an application and perform 15 hours of service.  CLICK HERE to access the MCS website.

National Honor Society
Sponsor: Ms. Snyder
This is an honorary organization for students who demonstrate outstanding qualities in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  Please visit our website [by clicking here] to learn more. 

Rotary Interact
Schoology Group Code: NFRZ-K9FS-FC4FD 
Sponsors: Ms. Wnek 
Rotary International’s service club for young people, Interact, completes at least two annual community service projects, one of which furthers international understanding and goodwill. Through these efforts, Interactors develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs and learn the importance of developing leadership skills and personal integrity, demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others, understanding the value of individual responsibility and hard work, and advancing international understanding and goodwill.
Stampede (Spirit Group)

Sponsor: Mr. Voyles
Mustang Stampede is the school spirit club for all students who are interested in increasing school spirit. Members will plan dances, theme nights, and other fun events. 

Student Council
Schoology Group Code: 2TJ7H-W4BTJ

Sponsors: Ms. Pach, Ms. Walsh, and Ms. Lussow  
This is an organization that allows students to have a voice in student government at RMHS.  It offers a forum for ideas that promote the general welfare of the student body, and it provides opportunities for students to become leaders in the school and community.

T.E.A.M. (Together Each Accomplishes More)
Sponsor: Ms. Vannatta
In the T.E.A.M. program, students from RMHS tutor at-risk elementary students at either Willow Bend Elementary School or Westgate Elementary School. RMHS students help the younger students with homework and difficulties at school and build strong bonds that help the little ones through school. Service Learning credit is available for high school students who accumulate 70 hours of involvement in this program.



Creative Writing Club
Schoology Class Code: CVC52-QFDF6
Sponsor: Ms. Lussow

This club provides opportunities for students of all ages to meet bi-monthly to enhance their Creative Writing skills.  Students meet to share their writings from previous assignments, prompts, or personal collections.  While the club attends the District Creative Writing Day and enters multiple writing competitions, these are not mandatory.  Members may choose to come and share or come and listen. This club provides an open and comfortable environment that allows students to take risks with their writing.

Literary Art Magazine (REBUS)
Sponsors: Ms. Nava
The literary magazine, REBUS, showcases some of the best RMHS student writing and art and is created as part of the Yearbook, an academic English class that meets during the school day and one evening per week.

Newspaper (Pacer)
Sponsor: Ms. Lussow
The Pacer is an award-winning, nationally recognized newspaper. Staff members write articles, edit stories, take photos and manage a website as well as organizing, budgeting and planning each monthly edition. Staff members must be enrolled in Journalistic Writing.

Yearbook (Yearling)
Sponsor: Ms. Ruckoldt

Students involved in Yearbook club design, coordinate and develop the school yearbook. This is an academic English class, which meets during the school day and one evening per week.


Student Support 

H. E. R. O. (Helping Educate Regarding Orientation)
Sponsor: Ms. Faye
GSA is a student-run organization that provides a safe and supportive environment for students who may be questioning their sexual orientation. The RMHS GSA discusses student-related issues surrounding sexual orientation and also works on promoting, educating and advocating within the RMHS community.

Mustang Hang Out
Sponsor: Mr.  Radcliff