EKG Testing for RMHS Students


Rolling Meadows High School and District 214 has partnered with the Max Schewitz Foundation again to offer all students interested in an EKG test through their Physical Education and Health division.  This will occur on Wednesday, November 20th. .  An EKG test is able to test if that student may have any issues with the function of their heart.  This test is responsible for saving many lives nationally and can be done quickly in a professional and private setting.  In 2017 when we last offered this to our students at RMHS, we performed more than 800 EKG tests and identified more than 25 students with heart abnormalities.  Fortunately, these students were informed of these results and were provided a report with specific information.

On Monday, October 28th and Tuesday, October 29th your student will view a presentation in their PE, Health or Study Hall classes on behalf of the MSF regarding EKG testing and why it’s so important to consider having an EKG.  If after the presentation your student would like to participate in this event it’s important that they register for this event as soon as possible if they would like to participate in this program.  Students that sign up by November 5th will receive a “free” report that can be taken to their doctor. 

We are fortunate to partner with the Max Schewitz Foundation and are also asking for your support.  At this time we are also looking for parent volunteers to assist the nurses and doctors.  If you are able and willing to volunteer for any portion of the day it would be greatly appreciated.  Events like this are only able to happen with the support of parents, community members and generous organizations like MSF.  For more information on the MSF foundation or to register your student or as a parent volunteer please see the weblink below.


Once at the website select “Register Now” on the left side of the page.

If you have any additional questions please contact Dave Wietrzak at 847.718.5756 at Rolling Meadows High School.