EKG Testing for RMHS Students

On February 5th and 6th in our Physical Education classes, we unveiled an amazing opportunity for all Rolling Meadows High School students. Rolling Meadows High School has partnered with the Max Schewitz Foundation to offer all students an EKG test while in their Physical Education and Health classes on Wednesday, February 21st.  An EKG test is able to detect if a student has any issues with the functioning of his or her heart.  This test is responsible for saving many lives nationally and can be done quickly in a professional and private setting here at RMHS during this event.

RMHS students received a letter explaining our EKG event on February 21st.  It is extremely important that students register for this event as soon as possible.  Students who sign up by February 7th will receive a free report that can be taken to their doctor for follow-up if needed.  

We are fortunate to partner with the Max Schewitz Foundation and are also asking for your support in the form of parent volunteers who will assist the nurses and doctors on this day.  If you are able and willing to volunteer for any portion of the day, it would be greatly appreciated.  

Information about this event, including the cost of participating: 

PDF  English      PDF  Espanol


PDF Registration information regarding the Max Schewitz Foundation organization.  


PDF Register your child for an EKG screening or to register as a volunteer.