Excused Absences
PEX = Excused parental absence for illness, medical & dental appointment
LTE = Tardy, arrives to class within the first fifteen minutes without a pass
MED = Excused absence for illness, written documentation from doctor/dentist
EXE = Excused absence by parent request, non-medical reasons
ADM = Absence excused by Administration/school personnel
FT = Absence due to participation in an approved field trip
VAC = Vacation
HOM = Homebound

Unexcused Absences
CUT = Class cut
UNV = Absence is not accounted for, unauthorized within 48 hours
OSS = Absence due to out-of-school suspension
ISS = Absence due to in-school suspension

Unauthorized Absences
UNA = Did not follow procedures

After two unauthorized "UNA" absences in any class, subsequent unauthorized absences will be designated as unexcused, and the student will move to the appropriate step on the attendance policy.