Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can my student have one of their friends or family members shadow them?

A: No, shadowing opportunities are not allowed.  Rolling Meadows High School has developed specific shadow days for this purpose.  Please contact the Student Services Department for more information at (847) 718-5602.

Q: Can my student receive a temporary parking pass?

A: Possibly. Contact Dean Segura for approval at (847) 718-5606. Temporary parking passes cost $5 per day and are permitted on a limited basis.

Q: Can my junior receive a parking pass for both semesters?
A: Yes, unless the senior class purchases all of the parking spaces.

Q: What happens if I illegally park in the lot?  (Park without a pass)
A: Any vehicle can be subjected to being towed at the owner's expense. Cars can then be reclaimed at Northwest Towing Company.  They can be reached at (847) 255-7360.

Q: Can my vehicle be searched while in the parking lot?
A: School authorities may inspect and search property and equipment owned or controlled by the school (parking lots) as well as personal effects left there by a student without notice to or the consent of the student. Students have no expectations of privacy in these places or areas or for their personal effects left there.  

Board Policy 7:140--Search and Seizure