Going Home Sick

Students who become ill or injured during the school day must request a pass from the classroom teacher in order to access the School Nurse in the Health office. The nurse will then determine whether the student must go home due to illness. If the nurse decides the student should go home, she (or her designee) will contact the parent/guardian. It will be established at that time how the student will be transported home. The nurse will instruct the student to go to his or her locker to obtain his or her belongings and then Attendance Office to sign out. Failure to follow this procedure will result in the issuance of an unexcused absence and possible disciplinary action.

If a student wants to come to school during the day in which they have previously been called out, a call from the parent/guardian must be received in the Attendance Office PRIOR to the student’s arrival back in school. It may be necessary, upon their arrival, for the school nurse to evaluate the health of the student to ensure they are well enough to be in school.