Parents and students are often concerned about students keeping current with class work when students are absent due to illness. The following guidelines should assist students in keeping up to date with homework in the event of short-term absences.
1. If a student will be absent one or two days, he or she may contact classmates to obtain homework assignments. Often a course syllabus or course websites will indicate which assignments are due. Teachers may also be contacted directly by phone or through e-mail.
2. For pre-arranged absences, a student may ask the teacher which assignments will be missed.
3. If a student will be absent from three days to two weeks, the student or parent may contact the attendance office at 718-5601, 5602 and ask that assignments be collected. The attendance office contacts teachers and asks for work within 24 hours. Please call to confirm that work has been delivered before coming to the attendance office to pick up homework.
4. Individual teachers may have additional homework guidelines or policies, which are explained on the syllabus for each class.
5. If a student will be out for more than two weeks due to illness, he or she is entitled to homebound instruction
services if a medical condition is certified by a doctor. Please contact Mr. Nathan Aslinger to obtain a
medical certification form and arrange for a homebound tutor.

* Excessive excused absences that accumulate to 10 or more full days of school will result in parental contact by the student’s Dean (or designee).
* It may be necessary for these absences to be reviewed by an administrative team including, but not limited to:
Dean of Students, Counselor, Associate Principal, and Principal.