Period Absences

Period absences must be accounted for by the supervising teacher or staff member. It is the student’s responsibility to see that this occurs at the time of the absence by obtaining a pass from the teacher or staff member with whom they spend the class period. If there is a discrepancy in the student's attendance, the student must see the classroom teacher.

Leaving School During the School Day
When it is necessary for a student to leave during the school day, a parent call is required in the Attendance Office PRIOR to the time of the student’s departure. We are unable to allow the student to leave the campus without verbal parental authorization. (A note will not be accepted.) It is the student’s responsibility to then follow through with the following procedures in order to avoid attendance consequences:
1. Obtain a pass from the attendance office to present to the classroom teacher when it is time to leave unless during passing or the student’s lunch period.  If you are leaving or coming back during your lunch hour, you MUST STILL sign out in the Attendance office.
2. Go to the attendance office and sign out.
3. If returning before the end of the school day, sign back in the Attendance Office.

If the above procedures are not followed, the student’s absence may be coded as an UNA or CUT. Continued disregard for the procedure will result in disciplinary action.

Medical or Dental Absences
When a student must miss school and has seen a doctor, the parent may choose to obtain medical documentation verifying the appointment. The documentation should include the name of the student, the doctor, the date and time of the treatment or the dates the student was under the doctor’s care. (A generic form can be obtained from the attendance office if desired).  This information can then be provided to the school upon the student’s return and be coded as an M for medical.  This may become important later if the student exceeds their ten days per semester of excused absences. After ten excused days in any one semester, medical documentation will be required and a letter will be sent home explaining the details of this policy.