Physical Education and Illness

If a student is feeling sick and does not feel they are able to participate in PE, they must follow the guidelines:
1. The student must attend PE and notify their assigned teacher of how they feel.
2. The student may ask their assigned teacher for a pass to the nurse.
3. If the student decides to not access the nurse, they will remain in the supervised PE area determined by their
assigned teacher.

If a parent feels that due to an illness or injury their student is not able to participate in PE, they must follow the guidelines:
1. 1-3 school day parent notification
The parent must send a note with their student to give to their PE teacher upon entering the class the day they are wishing to not participate.
2. 1-10 school day doctor note
A doctor note, which excuses a student from PE for 1-10 days, should be given to the student’s PE teacher. A
copy of the note is kept in the student’s health file.
3. Doctor notes longer than 10 school days
A doctor’s note excusing a student for more than 10 days must be given to the school nurse in the Health Office.
All notes should include a return date to regular PE.
Students missing PE for more than 10 days are transferred to Adaptive PE to work with the certified athletic trainer.
*Please Note* any single absence from PE must be accompanied by a doctor note in order to be excused.