Pre-Arranged Absences

When it is necessary for a student to be absent from school, the attendance office must receive prior notification according to the following procedures in order for the absence to be considered authorized:

College Visits 
If the college visit will take place while Rolling Meadows High School (RMHS) is in session, the RMHS Attendance Office requests that a parent call the Attendance Office a minimum of three days in advance of the visit. Juniors are allowed two (2) pre-approved visits in a school year and seniors are allowed three (3) pre-approved visits in a school year. A visit is defined as taking a school-sponsored tour of the campus and/or meeting with a school official on campus. Keep in mind that simply visiting a student you know on the campus is not considered an official visit by the Attendance Office. After the visit the student will be required to bring some documentation back to the Attendance Office indicating that the visit took place. Examples of documentation that could be brought back include, but are not limited to: a business card from someone at the school, school literature, or a letter confirming the visit.
Religious Program of Instruction or Conference
A parent/legal guardian must notify the attendance office approximately two weeks before the absence.
Family Related Absences
Parents/legal guardians should make every attempt to schedule family trips around the school schedule.  However, when such trips must be made while school is in session, an application for pre-approved family related activities will be reviewed and considered for authorized status when students are absent from school. These absences are to be reviewed by, but not limited to: counselor, dean of students, associate principal, and principal.  The following criteria will be used to determine if the absences will be classified as authorized or unauthorized and to determine if discipline consequences are appropriate:
Review of progress towards graduation requirements
Total number of absences to date
Timelines established by teachers for completion of missed class assignments and tests
No more than nine (9) authorized family related activity days, 10 days if consecutive, of absences per semester will be granted. 
After the pre-approved authorized days have been completed, the absence will be considered unauthorized.

When it is necessary for a student to be absent from school, and this is known in advance, the Attendance office must receive prior notification according to the following procedures in order for the absence to be excused: A parent/guardian should notify the Attendance office prior to the date of the absence, indicating the reason for the absence and its duration.

If the absence is for more than ten school days or more, the student/parents must follow the steps below:

  • Obtain a pre-arranged absence form from the Attendance Office for all of their teachers to sign.
  • They must also speak with their Dean to initiate the extended absence procedure.
  • The extended absence procedure includes a letter to the student’s parents, which indicates the conditions placed
  • on the student academically due to the absences, which will include the number of days the student has to
  • complete the missed work. A parent signature is needed in order for the absences to be excused.
  • **Only under extenuating circumstances will a student be allowed to take rescheduled semester exams.
  • Authorization must be obtained through the Associate Principal’s office (Ms. Stanley only).
  • Parents must submit written request at least four weeks prior to semester exams.