How to Report an Absence from School

Parents or guardians are asked to notify the school when their daughter or son will be absent from school, preferably on the day of the absence. Only school officials have the authority to excuse an absence. Generally, absences, which are reported on the same day of the actual absence, are considered as excused. Absences reported after the day of the absence, but within 48 hours are considered as unexcused, the student is subject to  disciplinary  action. Other absences are considered as cuts or truancy, which will result in immediate disciplinary action. Examples of excused absences are: illness, death in the family, court appearance, and/or religious observance.

Attendance Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm
A twenty-four hour voicemail is also available.

CALL: 847-718-5602 or 5603

To report a student’s absence, late arrival, or early dismissal (pass out of the building), please phone with this information:

Student’s Name
Student’s ID Number
Date(s) of Absence
Reason for Absence
All students must have a parent call BEFORE being readmitted to class following an absence. Students, whose parents or guardians have called the ATTENDANCE OFFICE on the day of their absence, may report directly to their classes.

Students whose absences were not reported will be required to get an ADMIT PASS from the ATTENDANCE OFFICE.