Visitor Policy


The following definitions apply to this policy:

School property - School buildings and grounds, all District buildings and grounds, vehicles used for school purposes, and any location used for a Board of Education meeting, school athletic event, or other school-sponsored event.

Visitor - Any person other than an enrolled student or employee.


During the school day, all visitors to school property are required to report to the security checkpoint and receive permission to remain on school property. Visitors must sign a visitors’ log, show identification, and wear a visitor’s badge. Persons on school property without permission will be directed to leave and may be subject to criminal prosecution. Except as provided in the next paragraph, any person wishing to confer with a staff member should contact that staff member by telephone or email to arrange an appointment.

Requests to access a school building, facility, and/or educational program, or to interview personnel or a student for purposes of assessing the student’s special education needs, should be made at the appropriate building. Access shall be facilitated according to guidelines from the Superintendent or designee.

The School District expects mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct among all people on school property or at a school event. For more information reference Board Policy (8:30).

For the safety of our students and staff and in accordance with state law, all visitors must sign in at the security desk and obtain a visitor’s pass. A credential exchange is also required.

Students who are enrolled in district alternative programs must receive prior administrative approval before visiting the home school or campus school during the school day and are not permitted to visit other district campuses without prior administrative approval.