Registration 2021-2022 

Beginning next Monday, November 2nd, your ​Freshman​ student(s) will be meeting with their counselor to select their courses for the 2021-22 school year. As you have seen by now Rolling Meadows High School and all of District 214 offers many career pathways to allow your student to begin preparing for their future after graduation. To assist your family during this planning process, teachers and counselors at Rolling Meadows High School have developed a guide to help your students explore the many elective courses available to them.

We ask that students and parents review this Registration Guide and discuss the courses that are of interest to them prior to their individual counselor meeting between November 2-11th.
We understand that students have many choices to make regarding their futures but want to make certain that we do everything we can do to help in them pursuing their interests and goals. After your student meets with their counselor, they will be able to show you what they selected. If at that time you have any questions please feel free to contact your student’s counselor directly.