Rolling Meadows students win first annual IEEVC competition


Rolling Meadows High School students won the first annual Illinois Energy Efficient Vehicle Competition (IEEVC), a contest that gives high school students the opportunity to put their STEM lessons into practice by designing, building and driving an energy-efficient vehicle. 

Programs like the IEEVC are designed to promote manufacturing education and technology-related careers to high school students. In years past, Illinois school districts traveled to Wisconsin to participate in energy-efficient vehicle competitions. 

Thanks to a partnership among several public and private organizations, Illinois student from eight high schools competed in their home state at the Autobahn Country Club on May 8. The Rolling Meadows team won because their vehicle burned the least amount of fuel.

Along with winning the competition, Rolling Meadows students and their instructors earned a front-row seat at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during practice for the upcoming 101st Indianapolis 500.

Across the nation, high school students are engaging in the design and fabrication of energy efficient vehicles, which helps promote and prepare them for careers in engineering, manufacturing and transportation.

Suburban Chicago school districts like Township High School District 211 and High School District 214 teamed up with Autobahn, the Joyce Foundation, STEM 101, Big Kaiser, Golden Corridor Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, the Illinois Science and Technology Institute and the Wisconsin Energy Efficient Vehicle Association to make this competiton possible.

The goal is to develop and expand the competition to provide more educational opportunities and work-based learning experiences for Illinois students, and increase industry support behind this event so more schools can participate at a relatively low cost.

The inuaugual IEEVC was covered by WGN-TV. You can watch the report by clicking here.

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