CCR - ACT/SAT Information

Notifying Schools of Your Scores
Students need to make arrangements with the individual testing agencies (i.e. ACT or College Board) to have their scores sent directly to the school(s) of their choice.
Colleges and universities use the highest composite score for admission purposes. Please be advised, however, that it can be beneficial for students to send their other ACT/SAT scores, if they have any, where the composite is lower but individual subject scores are higher. Schools often look at the subscores for placement and scholarship purposes. Schools can combine scores from different SAT tests to create a new composite. Some schools create an ACT "superscore" by taking the highest subject scores from the ACT tests a student has taken to create a superscore. Consider asking the school(s) in which you are interested in if they superscore the ACT.

Registration for the ACT, SAT or TOEFL
Registration books for the ACT, SAT, and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) are available in the Assessment Center (B104).  Registration can also be done online at the links below.

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ACT Test Dates for 2016 - 2017

Online registration at:
Test Date Regular Deadline Late Deadline (late fee applies)
September 10 August 7 August  8 - 19
October 22 September 16 September 17 - 30
December 10 November 4 November 5 - 18
February 11 January 13 January 14 - 20
April 8 March 3 March 4 - 17
June 10 May 5 May 6 -  19

SAT Test Dates for 2016 - 2017

Online registration at: 
Test Date Regular Deadline Late Deadline (late fee applies)
October 1 September 1 September 13 (20 by phone)
November 5 October 7 October 18 (25 by phone)
December 3 November 3 November 15 (22 by phone)
January 21 December 21 January 3 (10 by phone)
March 11 February 10 February 21 (Feb 18 by phone)
May 6 April 7 April 18 (25 by phone)
June 3 May 9 May 16 (24 by phone)