College Visits and Fairs

There are many ways to learn more about the colleges that interest you. These include college rep visits to RMHS, College Fairs, and campus campus visits.

As you learn more about the schools, it helps to take notes and compare each school. CLICK HERE for a College Comparison Chart.

College Rep Visits to the CCR

College admission representatives visit Rolling Meadows High School throughout the school year. This is a way for you to demonstrate interest in the school and get to know more information about your colleges of interest.

Visits are listed in Naviance, on the announcements and posted in the CCR. When you add a school to “Colleges I’m Thinking About” in Naviance, you will automatically be sent an e-mail when the admissions rep visits.

To attend a visit, students: should:

  • Pick up a College Rep Visit pass in the CCR

  • Ask the teacher of the class you will miss to sign the pass

  • Bring the signed pass to the CCR at the time of the visit.

College Fairs

The college counselors of District 214 host a College Fair each April with representatives from more than 200 campuses across the United States. Attending a fair is a great way to begin your search, learn more about each school of interest, and show the admissions representatives that you are interested in their school.

The 2020 District 214 College Fair will be held on Tuesday, March 31st from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at Forest View Educational Center. CLICK HERE for a list of schools attending the fair. 

Click Here for a list of additional college fairs in the area.

  • CLICK HERE for a guide to attending a college fair.

College Campus Visits

To schedule a campus visit, see the admissions section of the college website. Find out what types of tours, sessions and activities may be available.

During your visit…

  • Try to meet with someone from the admissions office or attend an information session.

  • Ask if they can arrange for you to meet with a professor or representative from the department in which you are interested.

  • Take a tour of the campus, talk to students, have a meal in the cafeteria, and pick up copies of the student newspaper. Some colleges also can arrange for you to sit in on a class or stay overnight in a residence hall. 

  • CLICK HERE for a checklist on the campus visit process.

  • CLICK HERE for information on making the most of a campus visit.

Students may be excused from school if a parent calls the Attendance Office to report the absence and the student returns a completed absence form. CLICK HERE for the College/University Visit Absence Form.