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Welcome to the superhighway link to information about college and career planning provided by the Rolling Meadows High School (RMHS) College & Career Room (CCR). By clicking on menu items found on each page you can learn about the RMHS College & Career Room, resources and services. Click on the article headings or icons on this page for quick links to important information.

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The CCR is staffed by Mr. Robert Yerkan, College Counselor, and Mrs. Carol Green, the College & Career Room Assistant.  To speak with Mrs. Green or Mr. Yerkan, stop by the CCR or contact them by phone:  Mrs. Green is at 847-718-5661 and Mr. Yerkan is at 847-718-5660.  NOTE: Mrs. Green's hours in the CCR, for 2016-2017, will be from 11:15 to 3:15.  For additional staff, click on Contact Us, above.

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 Senior Resource Booklet




A booklet with some key facts and useful information for all students in the class of 2017 will be provided during Senior Curriculum, which is currently scheduled to be conducted, in place of PE, on Tuesday, September 6, and Wednesday, September 7, 2016.  You will be able to download a PDF of the booklet by clicking on the link above, after September 15.  

 Senior Curriculum Presentation

Mr. Yerkan, along with the Rolling Meadows High School counselors, will access seniors through their PE classes on Tuesday, September 6, and Wednesday, September 7, to attend the Senior Curriculum program.  The parent version of the senior program will be conducted at 7PM on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, in the RMHS Theatre.

 Junior  Resource Booklet


A booklet with some important information for juniors will be presented to the class of 2017 during Junior Curriculum I, which will take place on Monday, November 7, and Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  You will be able to download a PDF copy of the booklet by clicking on the link above, after November 18.

 Junior Curriculum I Presentation

Mr. Yerkan, along with the Rolling Meadows counselors, will conduct several presentations as part of Junior Curriculum I.  Juniors will reported to the theatre during their English classes on Monday, November 7, and Tuesday, November 8, 2016, to attend the Junior Curriculum I program.  You will be able to click on the link above to view a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation, after November 18.  The parent version of the presentation will be conducted at 7 PM on Thursday, February 9, 2017, in the RMHS Theatre.

 Advanced Placement (AP) Classes (AP  Credit)

Interested in taking a challenging, college-level course while still in high school?  Research shows that students who take at least one AP class while in high school have a higher success rate at colleges and universities.  As an added bonus you may even be able to earn college credit after taking the AP Exam for the course!  To find out what AP score is needed for credit at different schools, click on AP Credit, above.

Are you taking an AP Class this year and would like to know the AP Exam schedule?  Click HERE.

 Summer Programs

Interested in doing a summer program at a college or through another organization?  There are a number of sites available to explore options.  The District maintains a page with information on programs (connect using the link below).  You can also check the Illinois Assocication for College Admission Counseling (IACAC) Summer Programs for Students site (link below) or Naviance (colleges: college research: enrichment programs).

Click HERE for the District page.  Explore other options, below:


Another resource you may want to consider exploring is:


Please be aware that this site is a .com site. It can provide useful information but can also advertise for-profit programs.
Click on the icon, above, to be linked to their site.

Students can also stop by the CCR to see postings of programs for which we have received literature.


 ACT and SAT Dates

2016-17 Test Dates:
SAT: Oct. 1, Nov. 5, Dec. 3, Jan. 21, Mar 11, May 6, June 3.
ACT: Sept. 10, Oct. 22, Dec. 10, February 11, April 8, June 10.
Click the icon for details.

Want to find out if a college requires the ACT with writing?  Click HERE.



 2016-17 CCR Calendar

Check out the CCR calendar here. Click the icon for the complete CCR calendar. 

 So, You Want To Go To College?  Presentation

Mr. Yerkan conducted a presentation, for D214 students and parents, promoting a college going culture among underclassmen. The presentation focused on what students can be doing to prepare themselves for college beginning as early as their freshman year.  The presentation was conducted in the theatre at the Forest View Educational Center (FVEC), 2121 S. Goebbert Road (Arlington Heights), on Thursday, October 15, 2015, beginning at 7PM.  You can view a pdf of the program PowerPoint by clicking on the link above.  To view the handouts provided with the copy of the PowerPoint, click HERE.

 D214 Advising the Student  Athlete Program

D214's annual "Advising the Student Athlete"  program will be held on Monday, November 21, 2016, in the Forest View Educational Center (FVEC) Theatre, 2121 South Goebbert Rd., in Arlington Heights.  The presenter for the program will, once again, be Maureen A. Harty, Associate Director of Academic and Membership Affairs of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).  You will be able to view a PDF of the PowerPoint of the program by clicking on the link above, after December 2.  You can download pdf copies of many of the handouts that were made available at last year's program, which are still current by going to the Student Athlete section of this webpage.  Materials provided by Ms. Harty, as well as the D214 Athletic Booklet, will be available after December 2.

 Junior Curriculum II

On Tuesday, January 31 and Wednesday, February 1, the Rolling Meadows Counselors will pull juniors from their U.S. History classes to conduct the Junior Curriculum II Program, which will focus on post high school planning. 

 District 214 Senior  Financial Aid Night

The District 214 College Counselors will host their annual Financial Aid Night, for seniors and their parents, beginning at 7PM on Thursday, September 29, 2016, in the Rolling Meadows High School Theatre.  Our presenter was will again be Mark Anderson, Associate Director of Financial Aid at Lake Forest College.  You will be able to view a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the link above, after October 7.

You can download the following publications which were provided to attendees of the 2015-16 program, which are still relevant for the Class of 2017:

To view a DRAFT of the 2017-2018 FAFSA click HERE.

 District 214 Junior Financial  Aid Night

The financial aid night, for juniors and their parents, will take place at 7PM on Monday, March 13, 2017, in the Rolling Meadows High School Theatre.  The program will once again be presented by Mr. John Hammond, College Counselor at Wheeling High School.  You will be able to download a pdf of the PowerPoint of Mr. Hammond's presentation by clicking on the purple tab, above, after March 20, 2017.  

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